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    Wash Dry Fold Laundry Service at SuperSudz is top-notch. It's super easy to drop off and pick up your clothes.

    Dropping off your laundry is cheaper than you think...

    Is your time worth more than a few cents? You will be surprised how little you save by doing it yourself. We know that you may be skeptical - that's why we are saving you $10 off your first order of $20 or more! Try it today...

    1. Drop Off

    Come up to the counter, we'll weigh your clothes and off you go! Save time and energy!

    2. Wash Dry Fold

    We wash according to your laundry preferences and cleaned the way you like.

    3. Pick It Up

    We'll pack your clothes up neatly and ready for you to put away. It's that easy.

    Residential Laundry

    This service takes you all of two minutes – one minute to drop off your clothes, and one minute to pick
    then up – so you have more time to engage in the activities you enjoy. Try it out! New customers get
    10lbs free with the purchase of 10lbs.

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      Commercial Laundry

      Our fast and professional staff is ready to help your business with its laundry needs. Please contact us for with questions and to inquire about special rates.

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